Turmeric Powder (8.07%) (Organic/Premium)

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Vibrantly coloured turmeric adds a bit of pep to anything from a pinch in your coffee to smoothies, scrambled eggs, tossed with your roast vegetables or made into a delicious hot drink with your favourite milk.

Make your own 'Golden Milk', combining coconut milk, honey and a pinch of black pepper. The fat and black pepper helps to make the curcuminoids, or active constituents that give turmeric its characteristic yellow colour, more bioavailable. 

Turmeric is a wonder food, proving to be benficial for arthritis, inflammatory gut conditions, pelvic pain, liver detoxification and neurological conditions. 

Product of India

This product was packed in the same facility as tree nuts, gluten, dairy, peanuts & sesame products



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