Heal Thy Honey Bee

Posted by Ali Cadden on

Photo by James Geer @jamesgeer
When discussing what our next new product would be, honey was a no brainer. By stocking honey from a local beekeeper, we are keeping in line with our ethos of supporting small business. I reached out to Simon from Save The Bees Australia, a few reasons for this, the first being that he is my cousins bestie and secondly because as having been a single parent before I can appreciate and admire his balance of work and parenthood and building a brand for himself.

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Heal Thy Fear of Fat II

Posted by Romy Lawson on

Photo by Matthew Henry from Burst

Last month we delved into the world of fats. We talked about the good and bad ones we find generally in our diet.

I’d recommend getting stuck into that before you read this as I’ll be discussing different conditions and breaking down the importance of specific fats to assist managing them.

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Heal Thy Fear of Fat

Posted by Romy Lawson on

Photo by jonathan ocampo on Unsplash

Say it with me people. “Fat is my friend”.

 Long been cast as the villain in the nutrition world. Fat is back baby and is doing some seriously super-hero stuff for our bods.

All those years ago, the anti-fat movement began following a hypotheses put forward by a researcher named Ancel Keys, and most notably that saturated fat and cholesterol was the answer to our cardiovascular woes.

And boy, did we get it wrong.

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Heal Thy Confusion

Posted by Romy Lawson on

Hey Guys! We’re Rom & Al. Food mamas and owners of Heal.thy Wholefoods.  We’re so excited to finally share our new monthly blog! The world of food can be an over whelming one, too much info that seems to contradict itself depending on which person you ask or blog you read. We know! So we’ve made a place that we hope will give you some real insight into the world of nutrition and your health. As a qualified Nutritionist (BHSc Nut Med), Romy is hoping to give you a helpful guide, eliminate that confusion and help you Heal.thy self through...

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