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As an almost obsessive water drinker who struggles to leave the house without her water bottle, it always floors me when someone says they struggle to get only a couple of cups in a day.

I completely understand about personal preference when it comes to what we consume, however water isn’t something we can give up that easily.

Someone might think I’m bonkers for hating raw tomato and bananas, but all things being well, I’ll live a very long life without the two because I can make up for it nutritionally in other ways.

Water, not so much.

Water is considered an essential nutrient. What makes it essential I hear you ask?

We can’t produce enough of it in our own body and have to get it from an external source.

But do we really need to drink that much water?

Like anything, we don’t need to over-do it. But yes you should be aiming to for 0.033ml/kg of body weight each day.

Eg. A 60kg person should be drinking approximately 2L of water daily

Dehydration of as little as 2% of our body weight can result in impaired physiological responses, including mental and physical function.

We need water

  • To help regulate our temperature
  • saliva production
  • waste excretion adnd ptimal digestion.
  • Helps deliver oxygen and nutrients around the body
  • Lubricates joints
  • Acts as a shock absorber for the brain & spinal cord
  • Allows the body’s cells to grow, reproduce and survive.

It’s not always the most exciting beverage option but it plays such a huge role in our healthj.  If you’re not getting enough then read onto help up your water intake.

Drink herbal tea

Spice things up

  • Add lemon or lime juice
  • Add fresh herbs eg. Mint
  • Add fresh fruit eg. Berries, pineapple
  • Add chia seeds (see the chia fresca recipe below)- Adding chia seeds to your drink can help increase your hydration as they absorb large quantities of water

Chia Fresca Recipe (Makes 1L)

5 cups water or coconut water

1.5 TBSP chia seeds

1 whole lime/ 1 lemon (more or less to taste)

1 TBSP maple syrup (or another sweetener you prefer)


  • Add chia and water into a jar or glass and stir very well to combine
  • Let this sit to allow the chia seeds to swell up
  • Add lime or lemon juice and sweetener to taste
  • Shake or stir well to combine and using a bottle

 Set a reminder on your phone or download an app like:

  • Daily water
  • Gulp
  • Waterlogged
  • Plant nanny

Buddy up with someone at work or home

Remind each other to drink water throughout the day

Eat your water

While this won’t replace the need to drink actual water, foods with a high water percentage can help with hydration

  • Contains 99% water










Squash (cooked)

  • Contains 80-89% water






Broccoli (cooked)




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